The Kibaale Project

In 1993 in cooperation with the International Child Care Fund (ICCF) Pacific Academy established a model Christian school at the Kibaale Community Center in the Rakai District of Uganda. Over the years the Pacific Academy Outreach Society has taken over more and more responsibility for the project. Since 1998 PAOS has been responsible for all aspects of the work at the Kibaale project.

The Project Covers:

  • Education - Nursery, primary, secondary,  vocational schools and donations can also be made to our Post Secondary Scholarship Fund
  • Sponsorship - The Kibaale Children's Fund
  • Development - Community projects, farm project
  • Health - Medical clinic, immunization program
  • Church and spiritual growth programs

The Pacific Academy Outreach Society is committed to ensuring that the operation of Kibaale and all its outreach activies is conducted in an open and responsible fashion. All donations received for Kibaale are used 100% for Kibaale in Uganda.
If you are interested in supporting the project, click on the sponsorship page or special projects page or contact us direct.

Sources of Funding:
Administration costs are covered by Pacific Academy and a number of commercial ventures.

  • Expatriate staff raise their own support
  • Kibaale Children's Fund (KCF) handles the child sponsorship program. Currently over 900 students are sponsored through the program but we do have children still waiting for sponsors
  • Donors range from individuals who give small amounts for "where most needed" to individuals, groups, churches and organizations who donate large amounts for specific purposes.
  • Annually the students, staff and parents of Pacific Academy organize a 5km fundraising walk, known as the "Kibaale Walk" which usually takes place in April. In 2013 the walk raised over $150,000 to support students who do not yet have sponsors.

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Kibaale is experiencing an unusually high amount of malaria being diagnosed in our clinic at this time, especially amongst our own Kibaale Community Centre staff. As we are responsible for the medical costs for all of our staff and their families, it has been decided that it would be a good idea to provide them with mosquito nets. There is a need for 270 nets at this time.